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  • Fr Christ Kontos

Week 1 Meditation: "Cast away from me the spirit of laziness, idle curiosity."

As we have begun our first us begun our first week of Lent, let us begin by intentionally NOT doing certain things...laziness and idle curiosity. May our meditation every day be to avoid laziness and curiosity on things that do not benefit us. I will not fill in the blanks for you regarding what constitutes laziness and idle curiosity as we each will find a dozen things to fill our blanks. Prayerfully consider laziness and idle curiosity every morning and intentionally avoiding them, God will open opportunities we may not have considered before. Where are we being 'lazy' throughout the week and where do we find ourselves enticed by 'idle curiosity' (also translated as 'meddling').

I look forward to worshiping with you tomorrow, the First Sunday of Lent as we celebrate the Sunday of Orthodoxy. Please remind your sons and daughters to bring their favorite icon to Church.

Peace and blessings,

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