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FTIN: For Those In Need

Please contact our For Those in Need Facilitators for more information:

Cynthia Telegadis 804-334-7647

Alan Pcsolyar


For Those in Need (FTIN) is an outreach program supported by gifts of all sizes from individuals from the St. Luke’s community.  Throughout the history of our church, members of St. Luke’s, including the youth groups, the Women’s Auxiliary (Philoptochos), and others have supported various community programs.  The goal of the FTIN Program is to provide expanded support as well as to complement existing programs that support the diverse needs of the community.

FTIN preparing 200+ turkey dinners and side dishes for the needy

The FTIN Program was inspired, in part, by the efforts of the youngest members of our church (JOY and HOPE), their parents and friends who started preparing luncheon meals on a periodic basis for the local homeless and those in need. With the blessing of the priest, it was formalized in early 2000 through the creation of a Steering Committee and By-Laws, and thanks to the generous support of individual parishioners, the FTIN Program created a monthly meal preparation program and began to seek projects worthy of support.  There are approximately ten active members who comprise the Steering Committee.


Through the guidance of the By-Laws and the support of funding on behalf of the community, the primary focus of the FTIN Program is to assist those in the contiguous five-county region who are in need by purchasing and/or reimbursing purchases for food, supplies, clothing and shelter. 


Although emphasis is made to help those programs which support larger groups of people in need, requests made on behalf of specific individuals are considered and supported.  In addition, the Parish Priest is provided with the authority to provide support on behalf of the FTIN in cases where there are parishioners or others who may need assistance. 


All support to individuals is provided in confidence and sometimes on an anonymous basis.  Identification of individuals and causes for support are encouraged from the parish.


Programs and Services Provided

Since 2000, the FTIN Program has provided the following support and services:

Homeless Rehabilitation Center

Utilizing the church kitchen facilities and the support of volunteer parishioners, the FTIN conducts once a month meal preparation for 200 clients of a homeless rehabilitation center.  The food cost of each meal is $250 - $500.  Each meal usually consists of a well-balanced menu, including soup, a main entrée with a vegetable and dessert. Members of GOYA also have helped with the meal preparation. In addition, the FTIN Steering Committee has prepared a meal on-site at the center, and has sponsored collection drives for blankets, clothing and various personal care needs for the center.  School supplies for children also were purchased.


Interfaith Coalition of Food Centers

FTIN provides food, supplies and funds for the purchase of food for an interfaith food bank program that helps to feed more than 3,500 individuals every month.


Housing Authority Support

Every year, Christmas gifts are purchased for more than 200 children in a local low-income housing authority.  Members of GOYA participate by wrapping the presents.


Domestic Abuse Program

Mass transit tokens were provided for clients of a local domestic abuse program to provide transportation to and from the shelter during their crisis until permanent housing could be found.  In addition, camera film was provided when documentation of abuse was needed.   Pillows, blankets and sleepwear also were provided to help the center to create an environment as close to home as possible.  Gift certificates for food were provided.


Domestic Violence Center

Clothing was purchased for clients of a different domestic violence center who are forced to leave their homes at the time of a crisis.


Camp Dreamcatcher

The cost of several campers have been paid for Camp Dreamcatcher, a local summer camp for children ages 5 – 13 who have AIDS or live with someone who has AIDS.  In addition, clothing and supplies for the campers have been purchased, as some arrive at camp without additional clothes.


Low Vision Program: A grant to local Blind/Sight Center was provided to purchase a device to help vision-impaired residents achieve a productive and independent existence.


Salvation Army: Christmas gifts are purchased from a wish list for 10 – 15 client families of a local Salvation Army center each year.  Gift certificates for food are provided for their Christmas meal.  To help avoid eviction, a rent payment was made for a cook of the Salvation Army who was in a job transition.  Camp fees for three children were paid so they could attend the Salvation Army summer camp.


CityTeam Ministries: Funding was provided for clothing and food for an inner-city shelter and rehabilitation center.


Habitat for Humanity

The Steering Committee worked as part of a Habitat for Humanity team on the rehabilitation of an inner-city home, performing tasks such as breaking concrete for new sidewalks, sealing basement walls with cement, and fixing walls with bricks and mortar.


Miscellaneous Individual and Family Support

Several families were provided with gift certificates to purchase clothing and other items needed during the winter.  In one case, a mortgage payment was made for a needy family.  In another case, support was provided for a young family whose father was killed in a car accident and had no insurance.  Support for medical expenses was provided for a young man paralyzed in a car accident.  Six months of car payments were made for a single mother who had to stop working to transport her infant who was born without arms or legs to a children’s hospital for care.  Assistance was provided for a family whose father had a serious illness.  Travel expenses were supported for a spiritual at-risk youth to attend a religious conference.  Counseling was paid for a troubled youth whose family was unable to afford care.  Supermarket vouchers have been provided for many families.


The For Those In Need Program is fortunate to carry out its mission through the generosity of many individuals who strongly believe in supporting those who truly require assistance.  The Steering Committee takes its commitment very seriously as every effort is made to verify need.  We continue to seek to make a difference in the lives of others in whatever way possible and welcome suggestions for support.

Stephanie Carroll, Facilitator

2016 Christmas Turkey Dinner prep

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