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St Luke’s Grief Support Group
Fr. Christ initiated a vital new program to our community ministering to the many faces of grief.
Our initial meeting of St. Luke’s Grief Support Group was held Saturday, Feb. 25th and several more followed.  With our facilitators moving to another State, we are actively looking for new facilitators for this important ministry.  If you feel called to become involved, reach out to Fr Christ.


After losing a loved one we all need help to deal with our grief. Often, we avoid talking about our loss and struggle individually with grief’s emotional and spiritual impact.
The Grief Support Group Goals: 
-Offering a place of understanding and acceptance for anyone experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one.
-Enabling each person to share their experience in a supportive community of people.
-Providing coping skills to assist us in navigating the journey of grief.
-Discussing the personal and religious traditions so important to actively keeping the memory of our loved ones.
-Exploring the hope, support, and opportunities our faith offers as we grieve.
-Ensuring the privacy of each person’s experiences within the group

Any questions: Contact Fr Christ @

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