Diakonia Minsitry

The Diakonia Ministry is a great opportunity for you to prayerfully consider.  For those of you that have yet to hear about it … the Diakonia Ministry is a group of volunteers who will be helping with the Sunday Liturgy.  The program was developed so that parishioners can volunteer to help the community and bring them even closer to the Church.  No experience is necessary!!  The only prerequisite is the desire to serve the Church with humility and love in this capacity. 


It is not too late to volunteer.  Please contact Ellena Vaganos at 610-356-8173 or at evaganos@aol.com.


Diakonia Minsitry Members

Costa Alvanos                          Sue Andreades                    Daphne Apostolidis

Angelique Demetris                   Helen Gillas                              Dean Karalis

Jean Karkalas                           Maria Karras                            John Kevgas

John Kusturiss                          Jerry Kyriakatos                       Joanna Mattis

Mary Missiras                          Tom Nouragas                         C. Dean Poulides

Irene Rentzos                           Spiro Rentzos                           Ellena Vaganos

Nick Vaganos