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February Pastoral Message


February 2022



Over the last 11 years, we have been developing the layout for placing marble in our Church. After much prayer and patience, the time has come. This project will take up to 4 weeks, God willing. Demolition has begun on the raised area to reinforce the Solea & Altar so it can receive the heavy stone. Marble will be laid in our entire space with the exception of the outer aisles and under the pews which will be carpeted. A custom-made double-headed eagle mosaic (pictured on the left) has been completed and will be installed in the center of the Solea. The dominant marble will be Crema Marfil and the accent marble will be Rojo Alicante. 

During this time, the Sunday Divine Liturgy will be taking place in the Community Center and weekday Liturgies will be taking place in the Chapel. What a glorious addition this will be to our already beautiful Church which has been built for the glory of God. Thank you in advance for your patience as I look forward to worshipping with you in the same space our faithful originally worshipped in many years ago.

In joyful anticipation,

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