What a glorious time of year! We have had beautiful summer days as we begin the month of July celebrating the birth of our great Nation on the 4th of July. We have begun the planning of our 44th Annual Greek Affair with a rigorous schedule of baking and food prep. If you can give some time to help in the prep and pre-planning, please reach out to George Migias at for direction. I have been moved beyond words with the many men and women who have come out to help. Join our fellowship.

With great anticipation, our Senior Mens Group gatherings have resumed. After a long hiatus, FTIN has begun in-person food prep for our needy friends at the Life Center. A special thank you to Teddy Pappas and his restaurant, Sun Valley Pizza in Bryn Mawr, who graciously provided food on behalf of FTIN when we were not able to gather. Thank you, Teddy!

Following a busy July, we are given a pause with the 15 day fast for the Falling Asleep of the Theotokos. We are invited during the 15 days of August to pray, listen, sing and worship with the beautiful Supplication/Paraklesis which is offered for our edification. Follow the Ecclesiastical Calendar and join us for this most beautiful gift we have as Orthodox Christians as we pray to the Panagia who gives us strength and solace.  Even though it is barely 45 minutes long, it is one of the more melodic and uplifting services of our Church.


Friends, as I wish you a blessed summer and hope you can find moments to rest, I also encourage you to remember God on Sundays. We are blessed to be able to gather without restrictions once again, so let us embrace our Lord and His Church. Wherever your travel plans take you, find a local Church, go, and light a candle and give thanks to God for His many blessings.

With brotherly love and pastoral blessings,

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