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October is a month of celebration for our St. Luke family.  First and foremost we celebrate the recent success of the Greek Affair.  Our Lord blessed us with good weather and even provided a little rain on Sunday to help clean things up. More importantly, He brought us together as a family like never before. 

The beauty of it all is that we had more young people helping than ever!  From our youngest HOPE children to our older GOYAns, together with countless adults, we worked tirelessly hand in hand as a family with one purpose, one heart and one mind. 

To our General Chair, George Migias and Co-Chairs Andrea Papadopoulos, Tony Palmieri, Jimmy Angelakos; our Philoptochos Baking Chairs, Maria Carafides, Karen Kotapka, Diane Sioutis; our kitchen Chef, John Solomon; our Dance Troupe Director, Cynthia Costanzo, and instructors; the countless leaders who chaired our many booths and volunteers, we thank you for making this Greek Affair one of our most successful. Coming together for the glory of God and in support of St Luke through this 46-year-old labor of love, remains a blessing for all who participate.


October is also a month which we celebrate our Patron Saint, St Luke. Our celebration begins on October 17th with Great Vespers where we will be joined by area clergy and led by our beloved Metropolitan Apostolos. Our celebration continues the next morning with the Sunday Divine Liturgy.  Our gracious Ladies Philoptochos will be hosting receptions during both services.


Our St Luke family is stronger than ever and I give thanks to Almighty God for blessing us as we continue our good works in His Vineyard!


With brotherly love in Christ, I pray the intercessions of St Luke be with you always,

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