Nothing brings me more joy than seeing our faithful youth and adults love their Church with all their heart and soul.  The following Ambassador Award recipients exemplify true stewardship and selfless service to our Lord and His Church.  Congratulations to each of you as we look forward to celebrating you on November 10th!





Theodore Pappas: Paris At Large Award

Teddy’s ministry to the Church began at age 14 by taking the bus from Upper Darby to go to Liturgy at St. Luke’s in 1972. Once married to his beloved Betsy, he attended St Demetrios where he taught Sunday and served on the Parish Council for 13 years. He decided it was time to come back home and returned to St Luke where he has been an active member for many years and serving on the Parish Council for the last 14 years. Together with Betsy and his dear sons Valante and Peter, who he is proud of, Teddy remains a strong leader in our community. Serving in the Church is not only and honor and privilege for Teddy, it is also in his blood.  As a restauranteur, it is his mission to please.  He brings his heart and soul in any ministry of the parish. Teddy fills the hearts of people with smiles with his positive and encouraging disposition while also filling their bodies with the nourishment at every opportunity.  Because of his vast ministry and dedication to the Church which knows no boundaries, Teddy is a most worthy recipient of the Parish At Large Ambassador Award.

Effie George Guthrie: Philoptchos

Effie George Guthrie became a member at St. Luke in 1978. While raising her three children, Effie taught Sunday School for more than 20 years and co-chaired the concession stand for Jr. GOYA basketball for seven years. Effie has been an active member of Philoptochos since 1982. She served as Corresponding Secretary for three years and Treasurer for eight years. Effie is always willing to lend a hand in all Philoptochos activities and events, often taking time off from work to do so. She is widely recognized for her dedication and enthusiasm during coffee hour. Her movements, in seemingly perpetual motion, assures a timely, efficient and orderly presentation of refreshments for parishioners of all ages. She swiftly sets tables, makes coffee, filling creamers and sugar bowls all while greeting parishioners with a cheery kalimera!  Effie learned at a young age to always put others first. Her boundless energy, pleasant disposition and great sense of humor are appreciated by everyone with whom she comes into contact. Effie is a proud grandmother of two.

Alexis Limberakis: Religious Education Ambassador Award

Alexis Limberakis began teaching high school when she was in the 70s while she was in High School.  She taught side by side with her mother, “Dolly”, who mentored her during those formative years. From the 70s, to today, Alexis has been committed to her 5th grade students from day one with a short pause to teach 7th graders.  She even shared some of her dedication with our sister parish for a short period. Her desire to teach the faith included her love for the Oratorical Festival. She has chaired the Oratorical Festival at the Parish, Regional and Metropolis levels for several decades.  Alexis’ greatest joy and love is in expressing the faith and she does it not only with her teaching, but more so, by her example to our community.  Her exemplary dedication to religious education makes her a truly worthy recipient of the Religious Education Ambassador Award.

Cynthia Karakantas Costanzo – YOUTH MINISTRY

Cynthia embodies complete selflessness and sacrifice for our youth and community.  She values the importance of the Church role in our children’s lives and how foundational their experiences are.  Cynthia began her youth ministry journey in the Church 11 years ago and never looked back.  From 2011 she served as a Sunday School teacher.  From 2011-2013 she transitioned as our HOPE Advisor until 2016 when she became our Greek Folk Dance Director, which she is to this day. Her selfless dedication and many sacrifices for our youth makes her a truly worthy recipient of the Youth Ministry Ambassador Award.




Paraskevi (Evi) Karros is a senior at Bishop Shanahan High School in Downingtown, PA.  She serves as the editor in chief of Shanahan's yearbook and is a member of the Community Service Corps and Respect Life Club. Evi enjoys playing field hockey, which she has been playing since third grade. As an active member of GOYA she has served as President and is currently the Second Vice President. Evi always tries to incorporate her faith into her everyday life and uses the lessons of the Church to guide her as a young adult.  She is always present for Church services and truly a worthy recipient of the Ambassador of Faith.


Theodora Greco is a Junior at Penncrest High School in Media, PA.  An active tennis player since freshman year, she was elected Junior captain last season and is Senior captain this season. She is also actively involved in the Penncrest Music and Theatre Programs, as well as Class Council.   Theodora’s favorite activities have come from her involvement at Saint Luke’s, with HOPE, JOY, and GOYA, and has held the office of GOYA Treasurer for 2 consecutive years.  She has also been an active member of the Greek Dance Group since 2nd grade.   Theodora very much looks forward to a future of greater involvement at St. Luke’s.  Her positive disposition is infection to all who come in contact with her, making her truly a worthy Ambassador of Hope.


Evangelia (Evie) Touring, is a Senior at West Chester East High School in West Chester, PA.  She has been a lifelong member of St. Luke’s Church,  highly involved in the Greek community, and believes, ‘it has brought so much enrichment to my life’.  She is an active member of GOYA, held the office of 2nd Vice President, participates in Sights & Sounds, is a member of the Greek Dance Group and volunteers annually at the church festival.  She has also attended Greek School and now helps introduce the language to young kindergarteners.  She is also very active in school activities, including soccer, and is a member of the National Honor Society, and French National Honor Society.  Her warmth and genuine kindness makes her a truly worthy Ambassador of Love.


Diana Knezevich is a Junior at Conestoga High School in Berwyn, PA. She is an active member of GOYA and currently holds the office of Vice President.  She plays on the Varsity squash team and is a member of the National Art Honors Society. She is also an active board member for CURE, a club advocating against bigotry, and fair treatment for all. She believes that ‘my faith drives me to be a better person and spread love and peace to others”.  Diana is truly a worthy recipient of the Ambassador of Peace.

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