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  • Fr Christ Kontos

Introduction to our Lenten Meditation on the Prayer of St. Ephraim


Our Lenten journey has begun. Join me through this blog as we follow a 6 week meditation on the Prayer of St Ephraim as we did last year. Our journey will take specific short verses from the prayer to meditate on for a given week. The intent is to focus specifically on two simple themes per week before we move on to new ones the following week. Prayerfully, when we arrive to Great and Holy Week in 6 weeks, we will have etched the virtues of St Ephraim's Prayer in our hearts which will carry us through the week of our Lord's Passion and ultimately, spiritually renewed as we approach His Glorious Resurrection.

As with any meditation, it is good to set a fixed time every morning (at least 5 minutes) to meditate on your objective. Prayerfully, it becomes grounded in your heart and will remain with you throughout the day. I pray our journey here coupled with all the services for our edification, will bring us closer to our Lord, foster growth in our Christian walk, as we better ourselves as human beings and children of Almighty God.


Lenten Prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian Lord and Master of my life, cast away from me the spirit of laziness, idle curiosity, love of power and vain talk. Rather, grant me, Your servant, the spirit of moderation, humility, patience and love. Yes, Lord and King, grant to me to see my own sins and not to judge my brothers or sisters. For You are blessed now and forever. Amen.

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