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Resources to guide you in your Journey through Great Lent, Holy & Pascha


Beloved, consider the following during your Lenten journey of fasting, prayers and charitable giving.  Pick a vice (or two if you really feel ambitious), something you know doesn’t necessarily contribute to your highest good.  Then take yourself on a 40 day fast from that item/activity.  If you find it seriously difficult to abstain for those 40 days, you may have found a habit worth cutting out of your life. 


Also, consider the following for yourself and for your children.  During the evening hours, commit to turning off your phone, abstaining from social media and/or gaming for two hours.  I know some people who abstain from social media throughout lent - something to consider. During that two hour period, it will be good to introduce at the minimum, the daily Bible readings from the Church which can be found here:


There are also many services throughout all the weeks of Lent.  Visit our website’s Ecclesiastical Calendar whenever you would like to see the schedule.


Download this wonderful Fasting Newsletter developed by one of our parishes in the Archdiocese.  Read Metropolitan Evangelos’ inspirational Lenten Encyclical in English or Greek.


Follow this online blog to help guide you during lent:

Also, view our online lenten recipe page which will be updated with recipes shortly.  If you would like to recommend a recipe, sent it to me at your convenience.


Finally, a blessed President’s Day as we pray our gracious Lord blesses our President, Donald Trump, as well as all living presidents as we also pray for the tender repose of those who have fallen asleep. 


I look forward to praying with you during this evening’s Compline Service which kicks off our Lenten journey.  



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