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March 29th, Week 3 Meditation: "Grant me the spirit of moderation and humility."

What a refreshing gift we are given for week 3 of our Lenten meditation. The first two weeks we were given 4 bad habits to avoid: laziness, idle curiosity, love of power, and vain talk. We begin our 3rd-week meditation intentionally embracing two virtues: moderation and humility. First, Moderation (σωφρόσυνη), really means that we take stock in ourselves. The following ancient Greek proverbs come to mind; “know thyself” & “nothing in excess”. Moderation is a welcomed virtue as it allows us to exhale from the excesses of life and begin to know ourselves apart from the many things that distract us.

Secondly, this week we are called to embrace Humility. When we consider humility, we think of humble people, people who are selfless and look for no praises as they express their faith and works in such a way as to not gain attention. One way I find helpful in understanding and trying to bring the virtue of humility into my life is by considering what humility is not: pride, arrogance, egotistical, pretentious, etc.

As we build on our first two weeks of spiritual growth, I pray this third week's gifts of moderation and humility become a blessing for you as we invite them into our every day and begin to blossom as children of God.


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