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Registration Form

Please take the time to completely fill out this form if your child was not registered last year.  If your child was registered last year please return the form below with any updated information and your e-mail address.

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Volunteer Form

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Curriculum Outlines

Three Year Old Class:

The three year old class presents an opportunity for our youngest students to come together and learn about their Orthodox Faith in a secure and structured environment.  Topics of this class include:  Coming to Church, God Created the World, Christmas, Jesus Loves Me, Easter, and God Made the Changing Seasons.  Each class includes a good morning routine, puzzles, icon veneration and prayer, circle time with a story board, songs with finger play, craft projects and a snack.  Students must be three by September 1st to join the class. 


The Pre-K program concentrates on the theme and experience of love. God loves the preschooler, his family, and the world. The preschooler begins to recognize Godís love through seeing his family, others and all things around him as Godís gifts. He experiences Godís love in playing with others, family relationships and activities, and participation in Church worship and life.

Kindergarten: HAPPY WITH GOD

Joy is the main theme of the kindergarten program. Godís love is the source of our joy. The kindergartner experiences joy through family activities, and through Church worship and life. Aspects of worship and stories from Scripture highlight specific examples of and reasons for joy centered on Christ. The kindergartner learns to celebrate Godís gift of joy and thus feels a sense of trust and well-being.

First Grade: ME AND MY WORLD

The focus of first grade is on creation as Godís gift. God made the world and everything in it as an example of His love and goodness. As the child discovers the world around him, the child understands that family, friends, church, school, and all other things come from God. Through the daily experience of Godís world, the child understands that God is real, loving and caring. The childís faith in God is awakened and is expressed through prayer, worship and thanks.

Second Grade: LOVING GOD

Second grade concentrates on the theme of loving God as the childís obedient response to God. Through the examples of men and women of the Old and New Testaments, as well as examples of the Orthodox Saints, the second grader begins to understand sin and forgiveness in light of Godís love. Through such examples, and through acts of worship and life, the child learns to respond to God with love and obedience which is the foundation of morality.


In third grade the emphasis is placed on sharing based on the life of the Church. As the third grader becomes open to the outside world and peer group relationships, he or she learns about Godís people and their relationships in the Old and New Testaments, as well as in the history of the Church. Through study of the life of the Church, the child experiences sharing, giving, dialogue, and dealing with relational difficulties in a positive manner.


The theme of fourth grade, Growing with God, exploits a period of deeper moral and spiritual growth in the life of the child. By concentrating on prayers and sacramental acts related to human growth (Pre-Baptismal services, Baptism, Chrismation, Liturgy, and Confession), the children begin to gain a sacramental vision of life. They come to understand the world, and their own growth in light of their faith, prayer, and sacramental life. Students are also given their own Orthodox Study Bible at the beginning of the year which is used on a regular basis in class so that students learn to use and appreciate the Bible.


The fifth grade theme, Responding to God, concentrates on the stories of the heroes of the faith in Scripture and Tradition as examples of faith, loyalty, self-sacrifice, obedience, love, justice, and social responsibility. Through the study of these great figures, the child learns to respond to God in terms of personal faith and the basics of Christian morality, the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Christ. Students also learn of the Parables of Jesus which offer basic truths for application to daily living. Each lesson concludes with discussion questions and time to reflect on how the parables are still applicable today. Finally, students take time to learn about the major Orthodox Saints including discussion of the major feast days and how they point toward the source of our faith, Jesus Christ.


The focus of the sixth grade is on the importance and consequences of choices in light of the Christian faith. The sixth grader, as a pre-adolescent, becomes more aware of oneís personal freedom to make right and wrong choices. Friendships are very important and peer pressure increases. Through the many examples and teachings of Scripture and Tradition, the child is helped to recognize the basic Christian moral and spiritual values and to make the right choices for his or her life. Students also explore the power of prayer and learn specific Orthodox prayers like the Jesus Prayer and the history behind them. In addition, sixth grade explores the pathway to successful Christian living through Scripture, Tradition, Doctrine, Church History and Liturgical Life. Lessons focus on our Church Fathers, the Liturgy and other Services, and the first Christian writers. Students learn that worship goes beyond the Divine Liturgy and is important to a Christ-centered life.

7th & 8th Grade:

This class is designed to make students truly think about their FAITH. There two grades in the same class, and they operate on a two year cycle of topics centered on living the Orthodox faith. The sacraments are covered in-depth along with the Ten Commandments. This class also provides Orthodox views, teachings and history in a manner that relates to the everyday life of students. Teachers encourage and expect classroom discussions from students and information is often handed out for the students as well as their families. The class incorporates special days into its curriculum, such as Saint Lukeís day, Lenten periods and current events. Every class is started with a short prayer in the chapel and ends with a questions and answer session where students are encouraged to ask whatever questions they have.

9th Grade: The Way, The Truth and The Life

The 9th grade curriculum targets two goals: firm knowledge of the Orthodox faith and spiritual maturity. The content of the textbook used in the class is taken from the fields of theology, spirituality, liturgy, church history, and Scripture. The Way, The Truth and The Life provides a basic understanding of our faith in lessons that both inform and inspire. The 9th grade curriculum is split into four units: Life and Salvation, Salvation and the Church, Walking the Path of Salvation and For the Salvation and the World.

10th, 11th and 12th Grades:

The purpose of the 10th Ė 12th grade class is to introduce our students to the issues and situations of the world in the context of their Orthodox Faith. All discussions will be structured using a defined curriculum to address difficult topics such as comparative religions, marriage and family life, creation and evolution, genetic engineering, abortion, addiction, sex and homosexuality. The class brings together the totality of Tradition which encompasses Scripture, Church Fathers, Doctrine, Icons, and Church Services. Students will know and understand the unique Orthodox aspects of a religious life, and will be able to apply the teaching of the faith to everyday life.


Procedures & Behavior Guidelines for Sunday School

Students should arrive at church no later than 10 AM to hear the Epistle and the Gospel.

Upon arriving at Church, students should venerate the icons in the narthex and light a candle.

Students, at all times, should be respectful and remain silent when they are inside the Church. Students should not enter Church or speak in the Narthex during the following times: The Epistle reading, The Gospel reading and The Great Entrance.

After the Gospel is read, Father will address the students with a sermonette.

Students are expected to be respectful to their Sunday School teachers as well as their peers at all times.

Teachers will give each student three warnings during a class period for disruptive and/or disrespectful behavior. After that point, he/she will be escorted to the Sunday School office where he/she will remain, until his/her teacher feels that he/she is ready to return to class.

Students who wish to partake of the sacrament of Holy Communion should be prepared to do so. Before entering the Church to receive Holy Communion, students should have their hands out of their pockets so that they can bless themselves. When approaching the Holy Chalice, students should tell Father their name and hold the red cloth under their chin.

At the conclusion of Holy Communion, students should immediately proceed downstairs with their teachers to their classrooms.

At no time is a student allowed to leave class early or unexcused unless a parent has provided an early dismissal note to the childís teacher before the beginning of the class period.

Important Upcoming Dates for Parents

Commencement of Classes: September 12, 2010

Sunday School catechism classes will commence on September 12, 2010, which is the first Sunday after Labor Day.  Please have your children arrive at Church no later than 10 AM so that they can hear the Epistle, Gospel, and Fatherís sermonette.

Student Registration: September 12, 2010

Registration forms will be in the August and September Epistle, and will also be available in the Sunday School office.  Families who are already registered do not need to re-register this year unless some aspect of your information has changed.  Please mail all registration forms to the Church attention to the Sunday School or drop them off in the Sunday School office.

Registration will take place in the Educational and Cultural Center.  There will be tables set up with volunteers available to answer any questions you may have.

 Agiasmos: September 12, 2010

Immediately following his sermonette, Father will offer his blessings to Sunday School students for the beginning of the new school year.

Open House: October 10, 2010

On October 10, 2010 parents and grandparents are invited to come to Sunday School classes with students.  This will provide an opportunity for them to meet the teachers and visit the different classrooms.  Copies of the Archdiocesan Curriculum will be available outside the Sunday School office for anyone who would like to have a copy.  Teachers may also offer additional information about the individual goals for their class.  Our staff is looking forward to meeting you and discussing any questions or concerns that you may have.

Sunday School Schedule and Snow Days:

In addition to the copy of the calendar in this handbook, you can always access pertinent Sunday School information on our homepage,  If class is cancelled due to inclement weather, we will send an email out by 8 AM Sunday morning.

Sunday School Programs and Events

outline of Sunday School Programs & Events



Registration:  Registration will take place on Sunday, September 12, 2010 in the Educational Center.  There will be tables set up with volunteers available to answer any questions you may have.  Please fill out a form ONLY if you are not on our mailing list or if you are updating your information.


Open House:  The Sunday School Open House will take place on Sunday, October 10, 2010.  Parents and grandparents are invited to attend classes with their children and grandchildren.  Copies of class curricula will be available outside the Sunday School office


Christmas Communion Brunch:  The Christmas Communion Brunch (CCB) will take place, Sunday, December 19, 2010.  Come one, come all, and meet jolly old Saint Nick!  The CCB is one of two Sunday School fundraisers.  It is a great deal of fun for children of all ages.  The CCB will immediately following the Christmas pageant this year.

Christmas Pageant:  The Christmas pageant will take place on Sunday, December 19, 2010 immediately following the Divine Liturgy at approximately 12 PM.  All students are invited and encouraged to take part in the pageant.  The selection process for the pageant especially the major roles are based on attendance.  Attendance is considered from the entire previous year when making selections.  There are two mandatory rehearsals for the pageant on Sunday, December 5th and on Sunday, December 12th immediately following the Divine Liturgy.


Oratorical Festival:  Preparation for the Oratorical Festival begins in early January.  The festival is for grades 7-12 and is split into two divisions: the junior division (grades 7-9) and the senior division (grades 10-12).  The Oratorical Festival provides students an opportunity to explore aspects of our Orthodox faith.  Each student is responsible for writing a speech that is presented at their own church first as part of a local competition.  If the student wins, they must be prepared to move onto the regional, diocesan, and even national level depending on their success.  The Oratorical Festival is a commitment that requires a good deal of work but is an extremely worthwhile task.  It teaches students research skills, public speaking, as well as knowledge of their faith.  If you would like to read further information, please explore the following link

 March & April: 

Sunday of Orthodoxy:  Sunday of Orthodoxy will be celebrated this year on March 13, 2011 this year.  All Sunday School students will participate in a procession around the Church holding holy icons depicting Christ, the Theotokos and all of those saints who have walked the Christian life before us.  We rejoice in the Icons that bring God and His Saints into our lives, and give us a glimpse into heaven on Earth.  We celebrate the return of the holy icons to the Church and begin the Lenten season remembering our Holy Orthodox faith which guides us towards our relationship with Christ.  On this Sunday, students are asked to bring an icon from home so that they can take part in the procession.  If for some reason your child forgets their icon,  we always have extras on hand for students.

Lenten Readers:  Throughout the Lenten season, students will be asked to read Psalms and prayers at certain Lenten services.  This is a wonderful way to make our children active participants in the Orthodox faith and to embrace the true spirit of Lent.  Signups for readings will take place the Sunday prior to the beginning of Lent.

Saturday of Lazarus:  Saturday, April 16, 2011.  As we celebrate the Saturday when Jesus raised Lazarus from his bed, we also come together in anticipation of Christís arrival in Jerusalem.  Immediately following the Divine Liturgy, students will go into the Educational Center where they will fold palms together and enjoy a Lenten luncheon.

Myrrh Bearers:  Each year on Good Friday young ladies in grades 3-6 are invited to take part in the Apothoklesis Service and the Holy Friday Evening Service.  The Myrrh Bearers represent all that is good and holy in our Christian faith.  There are two separate services that the girls may take part in, or if they choose, they may take part in both.  We would like to have as many girls involved as possible and will not limit the amount that can participate.  There are two practices for the Myrrh Bearers.  The first practice is on Lazarus Saturday immediately following Liturgy.  The second practice is after the Apothoklesis Service on Holy Friday afternoon.

Holy Friday Helpers:  The Holy Friday Helpers program takes place on Good Friday, which falls this year on April 22, 2011.  In an effort to better understand our Lenten journey, we are devoting the day to learning what we should do during throughout Lent.  In the morning after Liturgy, students will help the Philoptochos decorate the Epitaphion.  When they are done decorating, we will head down to the Educational Center for some activities followed by a Lenten luncheon at approximately 12:15 PM.  Finally at approximately 1 PM, students will speak with Father Christ.  The day will finish at approximately 1:30 PM.  Notes from Father Christ are available for students who need an excused absence from school.


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