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Prayer Group


There is nothing more powerful than the power of prayer.  The Prayer Chain email list is up and running.  This prayer chain will allow us to communicate with anyone who wishes to be on it. Once a person in need comes to our attention, each member on that list will be contacted and asked to pray for the one in need.

 Imagine someone suffering and 10, 50, 100, 200 or 300 people praying for them that same evening.  Truly friends, there is nothing more powerful than prayer. 

How do I register?

There are 2 ways to register. Please use only one or the other.

1) Via email: email Kitty Matchica and request your email to be added to the list. 

2) Via phone:  Please call Mrs. Dolores Peters at 610-543-8686 to be added to the phone list.

For more information, please see Fr. Christ or Kitty Matchica.

 Prayer…It works!