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Fr. Christ's Pastoral Message




What a wonderful time of year it is with so many reasons to give thanks!  Whether we are off to an exotic vacation, local shore, local park or backyard, the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful weather gives us many reasons to give thanks.


In our Church, there are numerous great feasts to celebrate these summer months.  Of course, we have the daily Paraklesis Services during the month of August as we honor the Mother of God, culminating on the Feast of the Koimisis/Falling Asleep of the Theotokos.  Again, countless opportunities to give thanks through worship, receiving Holy Communion, Great Vespers Services and Paraklesis.


We will celebrate with our youth as we gather our younger children during Vacation Bible School as we come to love and know Jesus more intimately and grow even closer to His Church.  More information is in this Epistle.


Then there is the Spiritual Transformation that is taking place before our eyes.  Over the past month and over the next few months, the walls and windows will continue to come alive as the spiritual warmth and mystical images emerge with the new Iconography & Stained Glass installation.  All of this, for the glory of God as we complete His House of Worship.  We give thanks to God for giving us this opportunity as I give thanks for each of you who have committed and are giving your donations in a timely manner. 


So yes, we do have much to give thanks for my friends.  In considering the many blessings we have, we must also recognize the many distractions we have.  Let us make a serious effort during these summer months to keep our Lord part of our summer experience.  If you are home, join us for worship on Sunday.  If you are traveling, find the local Church or reach out to me to assist you.  Finally, reintroduce yourself to the Bible.  This beautiful sacred book provides us with the pause, wisdom, discernment and guidance we need in this life; just as the acronym for BIBLE affirms, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.


A blessed, restful, thankful and safe summer my friends,


Rev. Father Christ Kontos, Protopresbyter




Fr Christ's

St Nicholas Shrine Appeal


Χριστός Ανέστη – Christ is Risen!


Nothing expresses life, rebirth and renewal better than the triumphant exclamation we share with one another during these 40 days after Easter:  Christ is Risen! It is with similar enthusiasm that I share with you a sacred task set before us as Orthodox Christians in the United States.


          I invite you today to participate in a Historic Event for the Greek Orthodox Church in America.  We are given a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring healing, hope and a real spiritual haven on the sacred ground that was created on 9/11.  As you know, together with the 2977 tender souls who tragically and heroically lost their lives that day, a humble beacon was extinguished as well, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, the only house of worship annihilated on that fateful day.


Because it is the will of God, St. Nicholas will rise again!  From our mass emails, our website and publications we have been given a glimpse into the new incredible House of God that will be rebuilt on Ground Zero.  This National Shrine which will be the new St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church will become our Church and belong to every Orthodox Christian of our Archdiocese.  It is my hope and prayer that after it is completed, we will be able to set out on a pilgrimage to St. Nicholas and worship there together.


          We are now beginning a National Campaign to help raise the forty million dollars it will cost to erect this Church.  Each parish in our Archdiocese in America has been asked to raise $10,000 to help in this sacred task, with larger parishes such as ours, to raise more. 


           The President of our Parish Council, Andrea Papadopoulos along with her family, joins my family with our gifts of $100 toward our Parish goal; please join us!  

          The names of each person/family who donates $100 will be recorded in the new St. Nicholas Church and will become an eternal memorial of all of us who helped build this new beacon of Orthodoxy in this cradle of America in New York City. Join us friends, with your donation of $100 toward the rebuilding of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox National Shine.  Any gift greater or smaller will of course be honored and recorded as well.


Just as our Lord filled the cold dark tomb with warmth and life, we are resurrecting a beacon for the glory of God as St. Nicholas will embrace and comfort the millions who will walk through the Church’s doors.


Your gift of $100 should be mailed or dropped at St. Luke at your convenience.  Please make it payable to “St. Luke” with the memo indicating “St. Nicholas Shrine”.   


Let’s give thanks to God for all things my beloved, including this opportunity we have to take the ugliness of a few and turn it into a beautiful collective expression of love created by us, for the glory of God as we share Orthodoxy with the entire world.


Join us as we embark on this sacred work my beloved, by sending in your contribution today.  May 31st is Holy Pentecost which is considered the birthday of the Church by some, how wonderful it would be if we all made our contribution by that day. 


Make your secure online payment for the new St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Shrine hereONLINE DONATION
Paypal Account not required

On the final link, before you click the 
"Donate (dollar amount) USD Now"...
Click the link which states:

"Add special instructions to the seller"  located on the mid/left side of screen and Include the following information in the space provided. 
"St Nicholas Shrine & the names you are submitting."


Αληθως Ανεστη - Truly He is Risen!

Rev. Father Christ Kontos, Protopresbyter