Monthly Pastoral Message from Fr. Christ




Fr. Christ's Pastoral Message




            October is a month of celebration for our St. Luke family.  First and foremost we celebrate the recent success of the Greek Affair.  Not only did our Lord shower us with the best weather the Greek Affair has ever had, He brought us together as a family like never before. 

            The beauty of it all is that we had more young people helping than ever!  From our youngest HOPE children to our older GOYAns, together with countless adults, we worked tirelessly hand in hand as a family with one purpose, one heart and one mind. 

            To our General Chairmen, Dan Knezevich, George Migias and Fred Tsapournas; to each and every chair and helping hand who sacrificed so much, thank you! Coming together for the glory of God and in support of St Luke through this 38 year old labor of love, remains a blessing for all who participate.

October is also the month in which we celebrate our Church of St Luke as we honor our Patron Saint.  Our celebration begins on October 17th with a Hierarchical Great Vespers, presided over by our beloved Metropolitan Evangelos.  Our celebration continues the next morning with the Sunday Divine Liturgy.  Our gracious Philoptochos will be hosting receptions following both services.

Our month of celebrations culminates on October 24th with our Annual St Luke Dinner Dance.  We are a family! Let us come together in fellowship for an evening and enjoy a wonderful meal, drink and nice music.   Not only are we a family beloved, we are blessed!


With brotherly love in Christ, I pray the intercessions of St Luke be with you always,

Rev. Father Christ Kontos, Protopresbyter
































With the beautiful summer months slipping behind us too quickly, we are given a fresh opportunity to consider the role the Church has in our lives as we begin to fall back into our routines.  We are also encouraged to see the Church as our haven of peace and comfort. 

The Church is our haven, a haven we can always grasp, to gain our footing whether the tempests are in our lives and homes, or on the other side of the world.

The Church is the Ark of salvation which holds our hand, taking us safely through this blessed life.  As blessed as this life is, we do live in interesting and confusing times.  It is confusing to say the least for young and old alike.  We are being fed mixed messages from all over the place; be it from school, work, friends, the media and even our leaders.

We are bombarded with issues that are challenging not only the Church, but also our own values, often causing us to compromise what we believe deep in our hearts.   Questions arise from what constitutes marriage; to the challenge of what constitutes human life and the sanctity of the human being as we are being relegated to just another animal roaming the fields. 

I do appreciate that things are not always black and white; there are gray areas.  However, we can rest assured that regardless of the newest agenda that is looking to demean the sanctity of anything sacred and holy as ordained and blessed by God, the Church as the Ark of salvation will continue to hold our hands and help us navigate this beautiful life. 

The Church will indeed be our haven of comfort and stability.  Our response is simply to come and experience “how good the Lord is.”  Let us also extend this opportunity to others.  Bring your children, parents, grandparents; bring your neighbor and friend to our humble and God blessed parish of St Luke.  Invite that person you know who has fallen away from the Church for whatever reason, invite them back to their spiritual home where they will experience our Lord’s presence and love; not only in our midst, but in our very being through the Holy Eucharist.

Indeed friends, come and see how good the Lord is.  With brotherly love and pastoral blessings,

Rev. Father Christ Kontos