Monthly Pastoral Message from Fr. Christ




Fr. Christ's Pastoral Message



I pray your Lenten journey is proceeding well and that we are all offering a fast acceptable to our Lord.  I also pray we are all taking advantage of the many beautiful services the Church offers us for our spiritual edification.


Over the last year, we have seen a Christian Holocaust unfold in the Middle East. Thousands of Christian men, women and children continue to be obliterated by Islamic Extremists in the most unspeakable ways. The most recent was the horrific murder of 21 Coptic Christians early in February. By the end of February, the Coptic Orthodox Church canonized those men as Martyrs.  The moving, newly created icon which I disseminated through our mass email list captures these martyrs as they receive their crowns from heaven while on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. As we pray for all the persecuted and seek out ways to express our outrage for the continuing brutality, we are also given reason to pause and reflect on our Orthodox Christian faith. These men, women and precious children are being asked to renounce Jesus Christ yet they choose to say NO. These are indeed Saints.

This Lent, let us reflect on the many examples of faith we can imitate.  First and foremost, let us look at our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as the supreme example of Extreme Humility by subjecting himself to brutality and the Cross.  Let us look at our patron Saints whose names we have been given that we may imitate their Christian walk.  Finally, let us cause ourselves this Lent to consider our spiritual walk and progress by taking stock of our lives. We are not being asked to renounce Jesus Christ in order to save our physical lives. Make no mistake however, our Christianity and our Christian values are challenged every day even in these great United States of America. 

May we preoccupy ourselves with spiritual contemplation, fasting by watching what comes out of our mouths as well as what goes in, repentance, forgiving others, reading scripture and practicing good works this glorious Lenten season.

With brotherly love, your co-journeyer this blessed Lent.

Fr. Christ