Monthly Calendar of Sacred Services




Ecclesiastical Calendar

September Ecclesiastical Calendar


Tuesday, September 1st                        Beginning of the Ecclesiastical Year

Simeon the Stylite                                    9:00am Orthros

40 Women Martyrs of Thrace                 10:00am Divine Liturgy


Sunday, September 6th                 Fourteenth Sunday of Matthew

Miracle at Colassai                                   9:00am Orthros

Martyr Calodote                                        10:00am Divine Liturgy


Tuesday, September 8th                        Nativity of the Theotokos

9:00am Orthros and 10:00am Divine Liturgy


Sunday, September 13th                Sunday before the Holy Cross

Forefeast of Elevation of Cross              9:00am Orthros

Memorial of the founding of                    10:00am Divine Liturgy

Holy Resurrection of Christ Church


Monday, September 14th               Exaltation of the Holy Cross

9:00am Orthros and 10:00am Divine Liturgy



The Feast Day of St. Sophia

and her Daughters Faith, Hope and Love our Sister Parish, St. Sophia in Jeffersonville

Wednesday, September 16th – 6:30pm Great Vespers

Thursday, September 17th – 10:00am Divine Liturgy




Sunday, September 20th                Sunday after the Holy Cross

Eustathios and family                              9:00am Orthros

Eustathios of Thessolonica                    10:00am Divine Liturgy


Sunday, September 27th                First Sunday of Luke

Kallistratos & his 49 Companions          9:00am Orthros

Mark, Aristarchos & Zenon                      10:00am Divine Liturgy