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Ecclesiastical Calendar

July & August 2014 Ecclesiastical Calendar

July Ecclesiastical Calendar


Tuesday, July 1st                             Saints Cosmas & Damian the Unmercenaries

9:00am Orthros and 10:00am Divine Liturgy


Sunday, July 6th                                       The 4th Sunday of Matthew

Sisoes the Great                                                      8:30am Orthros

Archippus, Philemon, Onesimus                        9:30am Divine Liturgy


Sunday, July 13th                                     Sunday of the Holy Fathers

Synaxis of Archangel Gabriel                              8:30am Orthros

Stephanos of Savvas Monastery                       9:30am Divine Liturgy


Sunday, July 20th                                     The 6th Sunday of Matthew

Elias the Prophet                                                    8:30am Orthros and 9:30am Divine Liturgy


Sunday, July 27th                                     The 7th Sunday of Matthew

Panteleimon the Great Martyr                           8:30am Orthros

Nicholas of Novgorod                                           9:30am Divine Liturgy


August Ecclesiastical Calendar

Dormition Fast Begins on August 1st and ends with the Liturgy on August 15th


Friday, August 1st                                    Supplications/Paraklesis at 6:00pm


Sunday, August 3rd                                  The 8th Sunday of Matthew

Isaacius, Dalmatus & Faustus                             8:30am Orthros

Salome the Myrrhbearer                                     9:30am Divine Liturgy


Monday, August 4th                                Supplications/Paraklesis at 6:00pm


Tuesday, August 5th                                Supplications/Paraklesis at 10:00am


Wednesday, August 6th                          Holy Transfiguration

9:00am Orthros and 10:00am Divine Liturgy


Sunday, August 10th                                The 9th Sunday of Matthew

Laurence, Archdeacon of Rome                                    8:30am Orthros

Chitus of Athens, Bishop of Rome                     9:30am Divine Liturgy


Monday, August 11th                              Supplications/Paraklesis at 10:00am


Tuesday, August 12th                              Supplications/Paraklesis at 6:00pm


Wednesday, August 13th                        Supplications/Paraklesis at 10:00am





                   Thursday, August 14th                      

Forefeast of the Dormition

GREAT VESPERS for the Koimisis/Dormition at 6:00pm


                               Friday, August 15th                         

Koimisis/Dormition of the Theotokos

9:00am Orthros and 10:00am Divine Liturgy



Sunday, August 17th                                The 10th Sunday of Matthew

Myron of Cyzicus, Straton                                   8:30am Orthros

Philip, Eutychian, Cyprian                                                9:30am Divine Liturgy


Sunday, August 24th                                The 11th Sunday of Matthew

Eutyches the Hieromartyr                                   8:30am Orthros

Kosmas of Aetolia                                                  9:30am Divine Liturgy


Friday, August 29th                                  Beheading of John the Baptist

9:00am Orthros and 10:00am Divine Liturgy


Sunday, August 31st                                The 12th Sunday of Matthew

Honorable Sash of the Theotokos                     8:30am Orthros

Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage                               9:30am Divine Liturgy