Monthly Calendar of Sacred Services




Ecclesiastical Calendar

March 2015 Ecclesiastical Calendar


Sunday, March 1st                                  Sunday of Orthodoxy

    Procession of Holy Icons

Eudokia of Heliopolis                                         9:00am Orthros

Andonina the New Martyr                                 10:00am Divine Liturgy


Wednesday, March 4th                   Pre-Sanctified Liturgy 10am


Friday, March 6th                    2nd Salutations to the Theotokos     6:30pm


Sunday, March 8th                                  Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas

Theophylaktos, Bishop of Nicomedea            9:00am Orthros

Hermas of the 70                                                         10:00am Divine Liturgy



Wednesday, March 11th                 Pre-Sanctified Liturgy  6pm


Friday, March 13th                  3rd Salutations to the Theotokos     6:30pm



Sunday, March 15th                                Sunday of the Holy Cross

Agapios & his Companions                              9:00am Orthros

Manuel of Crete                                                 10:00am Divine Liturgy



Wednesday, March 18th                         Pre-Sanctified Liturgy  10am


Friday, March 20th                  4th Salutations to the Theotokos    6:30pm


Sunday, March 22nd                               Sunday of St. John Climacus

Basil of Ancyra                                                   9:00am Orthros

Kalliniki & Vassilisa                                            10:00am Divine Liturgy




Feast of the Annunciation

Happy Nameday to our beloved Metropolitan Evangelos

Celebrations at our Sister Parishes:


Annunciation/Evangelismos: Bustleton Ave

Tuesday, March 24th – Great Vespers 7pm

Wednesday, March 25th

Orthros 9am followed by Divine Liturgy


Annunciation Elkins Park, PA

Tuesday, March 24th – Great Vespers 6:30pm

Wednesday, March 25th

Orthros 8:30am followed by Divine Liturgy



Friday, March 27th                                  The Akathist Hymn     6:30pm


Sunday, March 29th                                Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt

Mark, Bishop of Arethusa                                 9:00am Orthros

Cyril the Deacon                                                10:00am Divine Liturgy


Wednesday, April 1st                             Pre-Sanctified Liturgy  6pm


Saturday, April 4th                                  Saturday of Lazarus

                                                                             9:00am Orthros

Youth folding Palms after Liturgy                 10:00am Divine Liturgy