Monthly Calendar of Sacred Services




Ecclesiastical Calendar

November Ecclesiastical Calendar


Saturday, November 1st                              Saints Cosmas & Damianos

9:00am Orthros and 10:00am Divine Liturgy


Sunday, November 2nd                                Fifth Sunday of Luke

Akindynos & Companions                                           9am Orthros

Domnina, Domna & Kyriaki                                         10am Divine Liturgy


Saturday, November 8th                              Synaxis of the Archangels

9:00am Orthros and 10:00am Divine Liturgy


Sunday, November 9th                                 Seventh Sunday of Luke

Nektarios the Wonderworker                                                9am Orthros

Onesiphoros & Porphyrios                                          10am Divine Liturgy


Wednesday, November 12th                    St John Chrysostom

Great Vespers  at the Metropolis of New Jersey    7:00pm


Thursday, November 13th                          St. John Chrysostom

9:00am Orthros and 10:00am Divine Liturgy


Friday, November 14th                                              Philip the Apostle

9:00am Orthros and 10:00am Divine Liturgy


~~~ Saturday, November 15th -- Nativity Fast Begins ~~~


Sunday, November 16th                              The Apostle Matthew

                                                                                                9am Orthros

                                                                                                10am Divine Liturgy


Friday, November 21st                                 Entrance of the Theotokos

9:00am Orthros and 10:00am Divine Liturgy



Sunday, November 23rd                              Ninth Sunday of Luke

Amphilochios, Bishop of Iconium                             9am Orthros

Gregory, Bishop of Agrigentum                                 10am Divine Liturgy


Tuesday, November 25th                            Katherine the Great Martyr

9:00am Orthros and 10:00am Divine Liturgy


Thursday, November 27th            Thanksgiving Divine Liturgy   

Saint James the Persian Martyr         9am Orthros

Righteous Nathaniel                            10am Divine Liturgy



Sunday, November 30th                     St. Andrew the First-Called Apostle

Froumentios, Archbishop of Abyssina                    9am Orthros and 10am Divine Liturgy




Sunday, October 26th                    Sixth Sunday of Luke

Great Earthquake, Constantinople                  9:00am Orthros

Demetrios the Myrrh-Streamer               10:00am Divine Liturgy


Tuesday, October 28th                  Holy Protection of the Theotokos


9:00am Orthros and 10:00am Divine Liturgy